Welcome to the Animator Oc Reference Sheet WikiaEdit

A wiki for Drawers, Anime creators, animators and comic creations to put a reference sheets of your OC. The reasons I created this wiki is for people to post their OC refrence sheets, recive feedback and comments about their OC! this is for all ages


As stated above, this wiki is for those who have OCs (original characters) they would like to share with others. Our goal is to have a safe environment where creators can share their characters without having to worry about harsh feedback and other concepts like that. This wiki is for all ages.

It is suggested that you read the rules before creating a page. Here are the rules.

The founder of the wiki is Sealz888, and the current admins are TechSaur and Iluvmy2cats 

More info will be added once this wiki is more developed!

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